Faraday Future FF91: 1050bhp EV production may finally begin

Faraday Future FF91

At FOUR|8 Commercial an investment of $3.2 billion would result in 3 to 4 factories operating at full capacity, producing 100,000 or more vehicles each, in various countries around the world, within 5 to 10 years. And investors would be able to keep $2.2 billion of their money left over, as it is not needed. […]

Automakers’ CEO Compensation Rose Nearly 80% In 2021

Mary Barra

Here is another example for why automotive startups are burning through cash at an alarming rate and are struggling to stay afloat. Many recent articles talk about lay-offs and reductions in jobs, while this article talks about a company that has hardly started production and has burnt through hundreds on millions so far, and their […]

Tesla’s Cutting 229 More Jobs As Rivian Plans Meeting On Friday To Address Layoffs

Rivian- Georgia Plant

This is why at FOUR|8 Commercial, we believe in a sound business model and a future focused technology that does not require excessive levels of staffing to mass produce vehicles. Old tech is prone to the needs for mass employment, and while that sounds really good when applying for incentives from government, someone always has […]

Start-up Arrival warns it could lay off 800 staff to fund van project

Arrival van

Here at FOUR|8 Commercial, we believe the response to “the challenging economic environment” begins when you write your business plan and never ends until you are a successful business. That is why we have chosen to use vehicle structure technology and a manufacturing process that will dramatically reduce all the high costs associated with old […]

Battery makers warn the EU about lithium proposal

Here at FOUR|8 Commercial, we believe that we all need to be accountable for what we use and how we produce things. We cannot just ignore the science in favour of the dollars, as this is a dangerous path to take. The planet and its inhabitants cannot sustain such abuse much longer. If the research […]

EV maker Canoo is in danger of going out of business

Once again we see another example of the challenges a start-up faces when they enter the automotive industry, using traditional old and high capital intensive vehicle and production technology. Using this same old technology makes the challenge of entry into the market even greater. At FOUR|8 Commercial, we have no intentions of being just another […]

Rivian to receive $1.5 billion incentive package for Georgia plant

When you are tied to old technology that requires massive amounts of capital investment, it is not sustainable as a business model and falls short of all businesses ESG (Environment, Sustainability and Governance) requirements. When you have so much debt and so much given to you in incentives, then your business is focused on the […]