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Automakers’ CEO Compensation Rose Nearly 80% In 2021

Mary Barra

Here is another example for why automotive startups are burning through cash at an alarming rate and are struggling to stay afloat. Many recent articles talk about lay-offs and reductions in jobs, while this article talks about a company that has hardly started production and has burnt through hundreds on millions so far, and their CEO is earning $67 million a year. This is absurd.

At FOUR|8 Commercial we believe in sound business model and responsible corporate governance that includes not taking advantage of the windfall of investment the company receives, but rather working to develop a strong and profitable business that will show a solid return on investment for those who take the risk with us.

As the Founder and CEO of FOUR|8 Commercial Limited, I will be focusing all my efforts and our resources, on establishing a strong profit position as early as possible and this can only be achieved with responsible governance. Once we have this established, I will contribute the majority of my dividends to an Alliance to help this planet we live on, from the air, the earth, the oceans and the animals.” said Myke Penfold.