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Faraday Future FF91: 1050bhp EV production may finally begin

Faraday Future FF91

At FOUR|8 Commercial an investment of $3.2 billion would result in 3 to 4 factories operating at full capacity, producing 100,000 or more vehicles each, in various countries around the world, within 5 to 10 years. And investors would be able to keep $2.2 billion of their money left over, as it is not needed.

This type of investment is staggering and unsustainable in this modern era of innovative technologies. Especially to produce another extremely expensive, out of reach car. This one will not address the needs of the masses for a $35,000 car but will have an extremely limited production and market capacity as it will sell for $180,000 and more, eliminating 95% of all potential buyers.

Again we ask the question, is this really what the world needs in order to reduce emissions and help save the planet? We think not!