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Battery makers warn the EU about lithium proposal

Here at FOUR|8 Commercial, we believe that we all need to be accountable for what we use and how we produce things. We cannot just ignore the science in favour of the dollars, as this is a dangerous path to take. The planet and its inhabitants cannot sustain such abuse much longer.

If the research truly proves that this is indeed a “reproductive toxin”, then it should be classified as such, or irrefutable independent science should be used to prove that lithium is harmless. It is important that we are not mislead either by special interest groups or by parties with conflict of interest issues.

There are a lot of chemicals that have been proven to be toxic and carcinogenic and yet they are still in production, so we need to be more involved and more aware before we just blindly move forward, just because it seems like a solution for the short term. We must all look at the long term impact as well.