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Rivian to receive $1.5 billion incentive package for Georgia plant

When you are tied to old technology that requires massive amounts of capital investment, it is not sustainable as a business model and falls short of all businesses ESG (Environment, Sustainability and Governance) requirements. When you have so much debt and so much given to you in incentives, then your business is focused on the wrong things, on meeting the finance requirements rather than excelling in product development and vehicle production.

At FOUR|8 Commercial, we have no intentions of being just another traditional automotive company, using 100 year old technology that requires billions of dollars from investors and tax-payers, to make the business model work, or not. We plan to use a new state-of-the-art lightweight vehicles platform technology and manufacturing process, that meets the future sustainable requirements for efficient vehicle design and lean manufacturing and production, using technology that will also exceed all investor and customer ESG mandates.

We also plan to build one manufacturing plant and filled it to capacity before we even talk or consider a second location, this way we will be focused on producing be best damn delivery vans available on the market, now and for the future.