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Booming Electric Car Sales In Europe May Soon Face A Reality Check

Here at FOUR|8 Commercial we are well aware of the challenges facing the automotive industry and our consumers, as we move forward with this technology revolution, as some might call it. We do not feel that you need to put ‘all your eggs in one basket’ as the saying goes. It is important to ensure you can offer what your customer needs because what you believe today, to be the regulations that govern the future of automotive design, can change all too quickly. That’s why we at FOUR|8 Commercial believe you need to be flexible and nimble, capable of reacting and revising your plans to suit market trends and changes in policy, and do all of this without the need to find another few billions of dollars or to go with your hand out for support to convert to a new thinking. Our approach is to have a manufacturing process and vehicle architecture that can take care of all those issues and in relative short order and with relative low costs, be able to produce the vehicles required in 2 or 3 years time and do so profitably and sustainably.